Saturday, January 10, 2015

Merry Christmas, Family!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!!!!  You are 23!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I'm so excited to talk to y'all on Thursday!  Well, all y'all who will be there on Christmas Day.  It will be fun.

 Anyway, being a missionary at Christmas time is the best!  It's kind of a lot more difficult with people going out of town and whatnot, but it is still the best!  Being as we study the scriptures basically all day everyday, I've started to realize that everything is Christmas, in a way.  Because this is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christmas is about Him.  He is the Gift!  (If you haven't seen this video yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! )  All that we do as missionaries should be in His name.  In one of the district meetings last transfer, Sister Muir had to give a talk on her study of the gospels.  I always like to say that "there are two names on my name tag" and one of them is the name of the Son of God.  In her talk, she pointed out that the name of Christ is under ours, and it looks like a support.  Christ is always there to support and uplift us, as long as we stay true to His teachings and live as He would have us live, and act like we have His name on our name tags always.  One thing I got from my study this morning was from Luke 6:46-49.  Jesus talks about those who hear his words and do as he teaches and compares them to the man who builds his house on a sure foundation.  He continues with those who hear, but do not what he teaches and compares them to the man who builds his house without a sure foundation.  When the floods come, the first house withstands while the second house is "immediately" washed away.  This strengthened my understanding of the importance of not only reading and studying what god wants us to do, but also DOING it.  All the knowledge in the world of Christ's life will do nothing for you if you don't follow his example and do as he teaches us to do.  If we don't we will immediately falter when in the flood of the adversary.

Sorry this is a short one, I'll talk to y'all on Christmas!  Love you!

Love, Sister Rebekah Joy