Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sister Rebekah Joy Davis with Sister and President Eaton
 I got to write you a letter from the mission home, so I said some things in there for you to know.  But I get to email today because we didn't have time yesterday.  Normally p-day is on Mondays here, except when it's Transfer week, then it's on Tuesday. 
I wasn't assigned to my companion yet when I wrote you, so now I can tell you about her. Her name is Sister Muir, she's from Ogden, UT and she goes home in 6 weeks, so this is her last transfer.  She's really nice and kinda quiet like me.  But she has a great testimony and a lot of knowledge, so I look forward to learning a lot from her.
Yesterday was really overwhelming.  I was so sleep deprived I just couldn't keep my eyes open sometimes.  President and Sister Eaton gave us nap time after a role-playing activity and all the interviews were finished.  It was nice. :)  There were 15 new missionaries yesterday--3 Sisters, 12 Elders!  It was a lot.  But they're all wonderful people.  One of the sisters was Sister Frischknecht and the other was Sister Loeak.  She's from the Marshall Islands.  The area she got assigned to has a lot of Marshallese people, so I thought that was cool.  Also, Sister Eaton said they have been getting a lot of musical missionaries here!  I really think that this is where God knows I can do the most good as a missionary.  (I wrote about the choir in my letter.)
Last night was good.  We went to 2 teaching appointments and taught Christy and Wenny.  Christy was mostly raised Baptist and just learned about the Plan of Salvation.  Last night we were talking about her purpose on Earth.  Wenny is a Chinese lady.  We actually taught her with 2 other Sisters, one of which is on a sort of exchange from Temple Square and speaks Chinese.  It was fun to get to hear her teach Wenny in her native language.  An interesting thing I realized last night was that I really felt love for these 2 women without even trying.  For some reason that was something I kind of struggled with, with our "investigators" in the MTC.  ...It felt good. :)  We also went to one of the ward's Young Women's activity.  They were having a lesson about Joseph Smith and invited us to come and bear our testimonies about him at the beginning of their lesson.  It was fun.  Then they were doing an activity right after we left where they were going to record their own voices reading the testimony of Joseph Smith like someone said to do in General Conference.  I can't remember who said it, but I do remember the talk.  It was something I wanted to do, too. :D
So, in our area, we are over two wards--Sumner and Puyallup.  The Sumner ward is having a Trunk-or-Treat activity tonight that we're going to.  I'm excited for that. :D  Also, we have a dinner appointment with some members at 5 tonight and a few teaching appointments today.  I'm excited to meet people. :)  And we have District meeting in about 15 minutes.
I'm so happy Mercedes loved her Birthday card!  I almost started crying happy tears when I read that. :')  I miss her so much!  (And Jack and Emma and Kathryn and William and Sienna... ;) )
Love you so much!  Tell everyone individually that I love them! <3
Love, Sister Rebekah Joy Davis

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