Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Things are goin'!  Mission life just does not slow down.  One thing that was really encouraging this week though was that the member we had dinner with on Wednesday said that a certain area (which is about half of the mission now) was all one stake a few years ago.  I thought, maybe we can eventually get all of Sumner to have it's own stake.  Right now it's part of the Puyallup Stake.  I just thought that was a cool insight for my week.

One sad thing though that happened just last night/this morning was that our investigator, Sister Lemke, who was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday probably won't be able to because she had to get surgery.   We were going to meet with her last night, but she cancelled because she was going to the ER.  She's had problems with her gallbladder in the past and was in a lot of pain last night.  We told her to keep us updated and she texted us at 2:30 this morning saying that they were keeping her there and she was going to have surgery in the morning.  So they did the surgery and she's home now, but she can't do anything for six weeks.  She's the one who was going to get baptized on Nov. 29th, but had troubles with quitting smoking, so we moved the date to Dec. 20th.  But now it seems that we will be moving the date again.  It's a good thing our ward is awesome, though.  We were going to have a family night with the Lemkes at Brother Feller's home, but they decided that, given the circumstances, the Fellers will make dinner for the Lemkes and take it to them tonight instead.  Brother Feller is the Sumner ward mission leader.  He and his wife are FANTASTIC!

It's pretty interesting though that this would happen now.  Sister Simmons told me today that she was praying that if Sister Lemke wasn't ready for baptism that God would let us know.  And then this happened.  So perhaps this is a blessing in disguise, so that we can really make sure that Michelle is ready to be baptized.

Christmas is coming! 

I love you all so much!

Love, Sister Rebekah Joy
This is one of the huge cupcakes that we helped Sister Lemke make for the ward Christmas party on Saturday.
 I was happy to use my cupcake skills :)

This is our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago.  We haven't had any since...

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