Monday, December 1, 2014

"He Is the Gift"

What?!  It's December already!  Sweet!  December is awesome!  I just wanna tell y'all about the "He Is The Gift" Christmas Initiative that is going on.  It's pretty intense.  We're using it as a finding tool that's really great about Jesus Christ and how He is the gift of Christmas.  Next Sunday, Dec. 7th, is the "YouTube takeover" where the Church will be the only advertiser on the YouTube homepage.  It's pretty sweet.  With the December Ensign, there will be nine pass-along cards that you can give away to people and share the Gospel!  Put one or two of them in your pocket or your wallet or your purse and pray about who you should give them to.  This can be friends at school, people in line at the grocery store--anyone!  They're all our brothers and sisters!

Anyway, on a more personal note, I am doing extremely well!  This week was really hard with talking to people in the street, but it's all good.  We talked to an Atheist guy who was really nice at first but as the conversation went on he started to get really mad and called us wackos and stuff.  He also ripped our Christmas pass-along card in half and dropped it on the ground in our faces.  I only wanted to cry because I felt bad for him.  As we were talking to him, I could feel a little of God's love for him.  I'm alright, but I wish he could see that his house was on fire (metaphorically speaking). 
Also, this one lady yesterday was not happy to talk to us at all.  She was sitting in her car and we came up and said hello.  After she said hello back we asked if we could share something with her and she said, "Nope.  I'm just drinking my beer and my cigarette and I'm not interested."  So we walked away, but then I said to Sister Muir that her house is on fire (this is a metaphor that Pres. Eaton used at the new missionary follow-up training meeting, that's why I keep using it).  So we went back and said we had a message about Jesus Christ, but she swore at us telling us to leave her alone.  She said, "I don't believe in God.  I wanna burn your eyes out."  So... we left.   I just wish people would all understand.  But I feel fine.  We just laughed it off later.  I just feel bad that people who don't believe in God are not nearly as happy in their lives.

On the bright side, we talked to a lady we saw at an apartment complex and were totally led by the Spirit to talk to her.  She said she doesn't believe in God either, but we had a much better conversation with her than with the other two people.  And then we ran into her mom right after we talked to her, and then we talked to a boy who happened to be her son.  So we basically met the whole family.  Good stuff.

Thanksgiving was awesome!  And delicious!

Well, I hope y'all are having a good life!  I love you!

Sister Rebekah Joy

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