Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Goodbye, Sis Muir--Hello, Sis Simmons

Hola familia!

Yesterday I went with the Hermanas because we live together and both of us had a comp. go home.  They were in a trio so there's two of them with me.  So I got to sit in on two lessons in Spanish!  Hermana Killingsworth even had me bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon and she translated it.  It was cool.

Yeah, so Sister Muir went home yesterday, and so did Hermana Clark.  Hmna Killingsworth y Singer were the ones with me yesterday.  Their area is closing this transfer (just the Spanish-speaking sisters area), and I get to stay here in Sumner/Puyallup, so I'll be the only one staying in the apartment.  It's so weird to go from 5 to 2.
My new companion is Sister Simmons.  She's from Overton, Nevada and she's been out about a year.  She is a lot like me.  Quiet.  Haha, but she's still been out longer, so I think she talks more for that reason.  We get along really well.  I have actually been learning how to insert my thoughts more into lessons, but it's something I feel like I will always be working on.
It is just Sister Simmons and me in our apartment.  It was really weird at first.  Super quiet.  But I've gotten more used to it.  On the bright side, we haven't had to buy any food so far this transfer.  The Hermanas left a lot for us to eat.

 I got to go on two exchanges this week!  The first one I stayed in Sumner with Sis. Ballard (Sister Training Leader) and the other one I went to Auburn with Sis. Jin (another STL).  Sis. Jin is AMAZING!  She is from China and actually is called to Temple Square, but she got to be up here for a couple of transfers.  She goes back to Temple Square on Wednesday, so y'all should go up and try to find her!  (Just ask about the Chinese sister who served in Federal Way Mission for a while, all the other sisters probably know her.  You can probably even ask for her by name.)  She taught me so much about planning and about consecration and study and was just such a big help to me!  I don't have a lot of time to write everything I want to, but it was a way cool experience!  You should ask her about her meeting with Elder Hamula, she can tell you a ton! 

We are meeting with a sister in the Puyallup ward who's a fairly recent convert.  Her name is Kamitra.  She loves church so much and every time we mention the temple, her eyes just light up!  She wants to go so badly to be baptized for her mom and other family members!  She was in an accident about 15 years ago that put her in a coma while she was 6 months pregnant.  She has a little bit of brain damage and a lot of other injuries, but she is pretty high functioning.  It is a true miracle to be able to see her right in front of me.  Her baby was even born normal and healthy.  She knows that she is still alive for a reason, and I believe that a lot of that reason has to do with her desire to go to the temple.  I love her so much--she is the sweetest lady!  The only problem she has with going to church is that she notices that she's the only black lady there.  She also has a hard time with quitting smoking, especially since she lives in a home with a bunch of other ladies and they smoke.  She's trying to find another place to live right now.  Please pray for her.  I know it would help her so much!

Also, BROTHER JOHNSON SAID YES TO BAPTISM!!!!!  His actual words were, "I believe the answer to that is, yes I will eventually."  We hope to set a date with him soon!

Well, I love you all!  Have a GREAT week!


Love, Sister Rebekah Joy!

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